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      In my FileMaker Go solution I have a button that goes into Find Mode which I have set to run with full priviledges. I have a user account that has security priviledge that does not allow for exporting. This privilege restriction is blocking the ability to perform the search withing the app.

      Can anyone tell me why this would restrict the find function and why I can't seem to bypass it?

      Thank you

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          Most likely, you have the menus set to "Minimal" in that privilege set. You might need to change that to a higher level of available menus to permit Find.

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            Thanks for the reply Mike. I think I see where you are talking about but it says in the privilege settings: Available Menu Commands "All" so that should be ok unless there is somewhere else that I don't see the menu setting turned off. What you are suggesting makes sense so I will keep looking.

            If you think of any other possibilities let me know.


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              Well, if that's not the problem, what leads you to believe the privileges are preventing the Find from working? What behavior are you seeing?

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                If i have a data entry only privilege set the find function works fine. If I create a new privilege set from the data entry only privilege set and turn off "Allow Exporting" it stops working.

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                  Got it! Went back to your original suggestion. Avaliable Menu Command was set to "All" so i changed that to minimal saved the privilege, closed the file opened back up and set it back to "All" saved it and it is now working properly. Not sure why that worked but it seems to have worked.

                  Thanks Mike!

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                    Just FYI - There are some known flaky behaviors when duplicating the default priv sets. It’s best to create a new one from scratch.