Relational Dynamic lists 13 vs Past Vs. and other 13 issues.

Discussion created by old_cedar on Apr 18, 2014

I have been using 13 for as long as it has been available and updating old versions of files used for years [some since V4.x with the appropriate generational changes.] But I Ihave found 3 thinigs in 13 that really bother me and I cannot find anything YET in the archieves that address one of the most important. [To Me!]


I use Relational Dynamic Lists [RDL] extensively in many key and complicated files. Usually 3 tiered or more. 2 of the more complex are accounting and others where multiple reporting options are necessary. In these cases it seems that when I use the second field as the "Show" selection it works fine for a single Prior teir choice. But when more than one is used it seems that only the last choice is listed in the next tier.


The problem is that, what has worked since FMPro 7.x thru 12.x does not now in 13.1 or 13.2. It seems to be linked to using [RDL] and populating the Next Tier [in this case another global] to show the second field values [in check box list] while entering the first field values. The first field values do not enter or stay entered. Using a text in the second to ID the first [and in this case a number], v7-12 always showed all the correct text [names] even if they were identical. [their repective first field numbers are different. ] In other words if Owner 1 and Owner 2 used the same text [i.e. "Personal"] for 2 different numbered accounts, 2 Personal items would [correctly] list in the dynamic list.


An Example:


Checkbook accounting and reporting scenario. A Report matrix is set up to allow the selection of multiple owners, with one or more of multiple Banks and with one or more multiple accounts. In this Case Owner 1 and Owner 2 [out of 10.] Each has several banks and multiple accounts in each. Clearly a 3 tiered system. Owners, Banks, and Checking [and or savings] Accounts. Owners and Banks are names [Text] but accounts are numbered, and they are also given common names like Personal, Savings, and Business [Names]. So the Matrix is setup to Choose the Owner[s] first from a global field. [check box list] The selection clears the subsequent global fields that list [Check box lists] the Banks and Accounts. The Bank list is populated by the selections in the Owner[s] [global field]. As the Bank[s] are selected the accounts for that Owner and That bank populate the 3rd global field list. This involves 2 tables, a control table and an Accounts Table. Control records have the owners names and Banks with text for names and unique IDs for Banks and Owners as separate fields. There is a relationship between the 2 tables that is based on these unique IDs.


The Bank list is a RDL based in the Control Table a simple one to many based on Owner. The Control to Accounts is also a simple one to many based on Unique ID.


The other 2 issues may have more to do with Maveric and 13 that FMPro.


First, Several times when I open a file from a local machine and then try to open a file from server 12. I get the 2 people using the same FMPro license fault and the subsequent shut down of FMPro 13. Seems worse the longer I am in a particular session.


The last issue has to do with the save as PDF script step. A particluar LO that uses relational fields and a Sub Summary [on sort] will correctly print and preview and Save as PDF from Tool bar just fine. But not from a script, even with the sort just previous to the step.


I am trying to figure out the first item as it has several files in jeapardy. The other 2 have me asking you guys...:-}