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    Pattern Count with nested if statements problem


      Hi ,


      I have a calculated list of options for a particular category of cafe item



      Field 1 Category - coffee


      Field 2 Checkbox list

      - soy

      - decaf

      - double

      - skim

      - 1 sugar


      If a coffee has soy it costs .50c extra, decaf .20c strong .20c this adds to the normal price.

      So I used a nested if statement with pattern count and if it's one of those items then it works fine.

      If there are 2 selections ( soy decaf) it always reverts to the price of just soy and doesn't add the decaf price

      My if statements seem to cover all the possibilities but the calculation always reverts to the first option.


      Can I use multiple items in the pattern count search string ?

      Why does it revert to the first item ? Is pattern count the wrong approach ?