Percentage Calculation Based on Importance Level

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This is my first post to the forums and I hope I hope this makes sense to you.


I am using an existing "Project" management template created in FM12. For each project you have Tasks you can add in which you can change the percentage complete. For every Task you have, that percentage complete effects the overall completion percentage of the Project itself.


My question is, can I asign a weight value to a task (Low, Medium, High) that will effect the overall completion percentage in a more specified way.


Eg. If I have 4 tasks, each have an equal weight of 100% to the overall completion of the project. So even if a Low value task is competed, it makes the overall project completion 25% done, whereas it might only be 10% of it...does that make sense?


So I would want the low, medium, and high to have a weight of the overall project like this:


Low: 15% of total completion

Medium: 30% of total completion

High: 55% of total completion



Does this make sense? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!