What Are Your Imports Waiting For? - Perform Script on Server Part II blog

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Apr 21, 2014
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There are so many cool things you can do with Perform Script on Server. This technique is very exciting and I’m really thrilled to share it with everyone.

It’s actually a combination of things:

1 - Perform Script on Server (PSoS)


2 - FileMaker Server 13’s Additional Database Folders - to define where you want external container data stored


Combined, these enable a new way for a user to run an import, with almost no impact on the FileMaker client side.


The BLOG POST goes into more detail as to how to set it up correctly, but what it allows is even more exciting.

I tested this uploading an Excel file into a container field and then having the import execute on the server. During import, a user can continue working in the database or even close their laptop — and either way the import continues to run on the server.

It’s a big deal for WAN users. In the example provided we import over 100,000 records. With a traditional import (via FileMaker client), we tested it over the WAN with one of our developers in Switzerland, and it took over 35 minutes to complete. With this PSoS technique it took only 21 seconds!


But it’s also cool UX functionality that we can give LAN users, especially if the task/import is otherwise long and tedious without PSoS.

We hope you all find this new possibility helpful - let me know what you think.