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Calculation to get data from a specific related field

Question asked by madmike6537 on Apr 21, 2014
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Hello there,


I am trying to create a calculation that will get data from a specific table::field, and use that data for my caculation result.


Basically, I am billing for customer equipment, but I want to bill not only for the cost of the equipment, but times how many days its been there. So I have a billing line item record - and I have a related peice of customer equipment:


Billing_Line_Item::Equipment_KF >----- Customer_Equipment::KP


Inside of the Customer_Equipment table is a field called number of days (the number of days the equipment was at the customer's location). I want to get that data, and multiply it times my billing item cost.


First I thought I could just do this:


Total =

Billing_Line_Item::Cost * Customer_Equipment::Num_Of_Days


But it turns out, that when you do this (from what I read), it just grabs the first record in that table, not a specifically related record. But I have both the record number of the equipment, as well as the primary key, so now I am trying to do this:


Total =

Billing_Line_Item::Cost * (GetNthRecord(Customer_Equipment::Days_At_Location; record#here))



But its not working.


What am I missing? Thanks and I hope that wasnt too confusing...