Microsoft Server 2012  Filemaker 13 Java Compatibility Problems

Discussion created by johnnash on Apr 22, 2014
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Hello, we have had a few conversations with the technical personel at Filemaker plus others and have not found a resolution. Here is our dilemna: We have been using Filemaker Server 12 on our old Dell server with Microsoft Server 2008 and it works fine. We needed to update our old server due to a major space issue. We purchased a new Dell Server last year with Microsoft 2012 Server. We were going to use our Filemaker server 12 and prepare to update our staff to our purchased Filemaker Server 13. We have had multiple discussions in the last 6-8 months with the technical personel due to Microsoft Server 12 compatability issue with FilemakerServer 2012 and Java. We have been told that Filemaker is aware of this issue but a patch or fix has not been created to allow this program on our new Dell Server. We were told it has been and issue but no time frame for a resolution is know. Does anyone have this problem or know of a possible fix? It is really not desirable to have to run 2 servers just for the old one can run this expensive software.


Thank you