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I wish there were two functions 1-Median Calculation 2-Count of Unique Records

Question asked by jayankurian on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by Vincent_L

Median calculation is a pain taking one now...Wish field Summmary have another selection of Median....


The other feature I would like to see is a counting function of duplicate/unique(not sure how to word it) records...


Number Text Date

1890 First, Second 5/1/14

2340 Third, Ten 8/1/14

1890 First, Second 5/15/14

1890 First, Second 5/15/14

5310 Seven, One 10/1/14

5310 Seven, One 12/1/14


Question: How many unique Numbers are there? The answer should be:3 (1890, 2340, and 5310)