Drag to re-order a list of records

Discussion created by martinc on Apr 23, 2014
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In one part of our system, we track employees. Oncee a quarter, we export lists of employees grouped by their manager. The manager is asked to Force Rank his team. This is strictly based on performance- top to bottom. The list only includes the name, title, and who that person reports to. It's a good way to evaluate how fair our pay structure is among other things.


The process is a pain. Export, plug in numbers- do-over, submit to Administration, and key in the data.


This would be Much easier if it could be done in FM in some sort of drag and drop fashion.


Has anyone seen a method that we could implement for this?


My thought is to use some sort of portal showing direct reports with script triggers.


I'm sure that this could be applied to many other situations- routing, ToDos, workflow design...