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    Cannot Load Main Spelling Dictionary


      A client has started to received the above message on various computers. This stops the user entering data.


      Windows 7, FM 12v4.


      I have tried re-installing FM on several machines. the problem returns.


      Any thoughts on resolving this would be appreciated.

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          Check out this thread:



          Multiple troubleshooting options. Since you have already tried reinstallations, I'd imagine that possibly your file is corrupt.


          You can try the trick to go under File > File Options and uncheck the box "Indicate questionable words with special underlines", but that will not correct any underlying corruption.


          Are the dictionaries there when you go to this folder?

          FileMaker Pro -> Extensions -> Dictionaries

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            I have the same message popping up on several computers - started in the last 3 weeks. My configuration is as follows:


            FMS 12.03 on Windows Server 2008 R2

            FMP 12.04 on Windows 7 - Automatic Updates Enabled

            FMP 13 on Windows 7 - Automatic Updates Enabled

            Sophos Antivirus - Automatic Updates Enabled

            Office 2013 - Automatic Updates Enabled


            It seems that the error only arises for users that are using MSOffice. Those who work solely in FileMaker have not had the error pop up. I'm wondering if it is the recent Serve Pack 1 update for MSOffice that is causing this.

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              I am also having this issue however it seems intermittent by company wide & only on Window 7 PC's


              I am running a mix of FMpro 12 and 13, lat week it seemed company wide then it went away and today its back but not on all pc's?


              Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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                I have clients reporting the same issue cropping up on multiple computers, all Windows 7, using a Filemaker 10 database that has been very stable. Various users have experienced the problem at different times over the last couple of weeks. Reinstalling has worked at times. The dictionary file is always present, not missing. I've checked the databases and they are not corrupted. Setting the compatibility mode for Filemaker to run as XP sp3 has been tried on two users, and that has seemed to work, but only in conjuction with a reinstall. Changing the compatibility mode only did not work.



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                  I had same issue but determined the cause was I renamed my hard drive. I was doing some unix level stuff and decided to remove the space in the hard drive name (I'm on a Mac) to make it easier. It broke not only my dictionary but also links to all favorite files (in FMP). I'm not sure that is cause here but thought it would add it if it helps someone else. But this might help identify the issue if they are on a managed account and the path to the support files change.


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                    +1 For what Dan says about hard drive renaming.


                    I was testing out some code that I wrote that involved path names, and to do a thorough test, I needed to rename the hard drive on OSX.  Doing so broke FMP's ability to find the spelling dictionary, and I saw the error message.


                    IIRC, simply quitting FMPA and re-launching it would fix things until the next time I renamed the hard drive.


                    This was with FMPA 13.0v3, OSX 10.9.4.


                    Best regards,



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                      Many people have reported that BitDefender is the culprit.

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                        I'm working on the assumption now this will never be fixed with FM Pro. I've used FM Pro since the 90s, and have had this issue on and off over the last several decades. I've reinstalled FM Pro far too many times to try to fix this one middling issue.


                        I'd say I've had it, but where am I going to go, at least on a Mac? There's no alternative, so I'm stuck with it. In every other regard, FMPro is stellar.


                        At this point, you'd think the company would work a fix into the software, or even a simple "fix dictionary issue" program.


                        Whatever the case, I give up. I keep the squiggles on so I can see misspelled words, but it's frustrating when there's absolutely zero way to tell the program that, yes, I am spelling geotechnical correctly when setting up a 6500 record database for a geotechnical firm.


                        ADDED: Never had BitDefender, and the issue has happened regardless of renaming my Mac's HDD. 

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                               I created a new file, entered the word "geotechnical" in a new record and got the red underscore showing a possible misspelling. I went to Spelling > Check Record, selected "geotechnical" and hit "Learn." I created another new record and spelled "geotechnical" but this time no red underscore. What am I missing? Why can't you tell FM to "Learn" that word? I've never had a dictionary issue in any version of FM.

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                            This very thread is about problems with the user dictionary. There are multiple threads about the same issue, both here @ FM and around the web.


                            The option to click "LEARN" is greyed out, and I cannot load the User Dictionary. 


                            It's happened to me routinely over the course of 20 years, since my first Mac (PowerBook 160) and my first copy of Filemaker (notably, the first software package I purchased outright after college). Sometimes re-installing the entire program fixes it, sometimes it does not. And if it does, it happens again after a period of time.


                            The problem, whatever it is, is a Flying Dutchman for many users of FM Pro.

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                              Can you do Spelling > Edit User Dictionary > Export... and export the User dictionary into a text file? If so, you may see some entries that need editing before importing the text file back in to your file. Chances are "LEARN" is greyed out because FM thinks it already knows the word. If "geotechnical" is in the exported text file, delete it before re-importing. "LEARN" may not be greyed out then the next time you type the word.