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    FM Consultant


      Hello folks,


      I am looking for a very knowledgable and skilled FM developer to be a consultant to the company I work for. I am working on aquiring a budget for this so no time frame is known at this point, but I would like to start kind of seeing what folks recommend... either yourselves or another FM consulting firm / company. If your interested in potentially being a consultant, please message me your name and an overview of your experience.


      I am diving headlong in to learning FM and making pretty good progress with the first version of our office management system, but am thinking we will rebuild from ground up soon and I would like to have an expert I can contact quickly to get guidance and assistance on the project.


      Look forward to hearing back from folks.





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            Nate, if location matters to you, search on the filemaker list of consulting developers.



            There are a lot of good consultants out there, you should probably get bids from multiple vendors. As for references and speak to their other clients if at all possible.


            What might benefit you is a mentoring consultant. Numerous companies offer it. Basically mentor consulting is having an expert work with you to build something, so you both learn and build a usable solution at the same time. As opposed to traditional training, where you develop classroom examples you never use (but skills you do).

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              Thanks Folks for the replies.


              The Location does not really matter as it is more of a mentoring consulting like Mike mentioned. Communications would likely be via Skype and teamviewer so we could chat and view the work remotely.





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                The Location does not really matter as it is more of a mentoring consulting like Mike mentioned. Communications would likely be via Skype and teamviewer so we could chat and view the work remotely.


                You may consider advertising the Time Zone that you intend to work in.



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                  Then be more specific on WHAT you want (and as Malcolm suggested TimeZone), so that you can get responses from those who may be able to help.


                  I've done this kind of consulting for many years - sometimes a face-to-face is necessary. Please reconsider location.



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                    Hi folks,


                    been busy, sorry.


                    We are in the midwest (Central time zone), and location is less of a concern as I am looking for someone to more be a mentor to me and interactions would typically be via Skype and Teamviewer or something similar for remote communication. I am not looking for someone to build a new system for us, but to be more of a high level resource I can use when I run into a problem or need a question answered quickly.


                    I have been getting answers here and some PM's with good choices and leads.



                    Thanks folks,



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                      You post is rather broad and includes most all FileMaker developers the world over (thousands of us). 


                      My company, Taylor Made Services, is located in Dallas Texas.  More info on us is at http://www.taylormadeservices.com 


                      But I do agree with developers above that finding a developer close to you has a lot of benefits.  Additionally, you may want to have other criteria to consider such as whether they are FileMaker Certified, if they belong to the FBA program to resell software, are they a FileMaker Traininer, and the type of solution you need.  For example, there are types of databases that we all have done like CRMs.  But if your database has a special focus such as an industry type (educational, warehousing, calendaring, graphics publishing, government services) or has special requirements such as web services, ODBC connections, mobile solutions or PHP support, that can narrow down consultants that are better suited to support you.  No consultant does everything and most consultants have developed some specialized skill areas. 


                      As Beverly said, more info on the location and type of solution will make your list a lot shorter and probably serve you better.