List View not showing all records in FMGo

Discussion created by jmundok on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by jmundok

I'm experiencing something strange on a very basic list view in FileMaker Go 13.0.4. The found set for the list view is 169 records. When I navigate to it keeping the iPad orientation on Landscape and scroll to the bottom of the list, I can't scroll past record 165. I can see the very top of the record but can't scroll to those remaining 4 questions.



If I turn the iPad to Portrait orientation, then scroll down, I see the four records, but the last one will only scroll as far down to display the top half of the row.




Finally, if I filter the category down to 10 records, I see them as expected.




Anyone seen something similar? This is a very basic list view, nothing fancy going on in the background.