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    Help with Merging Contact Name for emailing a Found Set


      Hi All,


      I'm really hoping somebody out there can help me as I'm attempting to do something with FileMaker Pro that should be simple. That is send custom emails to a found set of contacts.


      What I want to do is send an email to a group of individuals and customize that email so it changes the contact name (whether it's Bob or Sam or Samantha) - like an old-fashion mailmerge. And the rest of the message will be the same for each contact. So that they receive an email that appears as though it's coming directly from me. For instance


      Let's say I do a search for all my contacts in Southern California and I wanted to alert them about an event or something that they would be interested in. Rather than sitting down and hand typing and cut and pasting 200 or 300 emails over and over I would like to send that note to that group of individuals all at once. Here's what I've done so far.


      From a database (FileMaker Pro 13) I do a quick find on everybody that I want to send an email to let say Southern California. The results let's say are 100 different individuals. From there I click on the menu File/Send/Mail we have the following (see attached screen shot):



      Where "Contact Managmenet::First Name" should be a merge field of each contacts name (hince Bob, Sam, Tom, etc). As each email goes out (tested on my own email accounts) it looks ike the following.



      Hi Contact Management::First Name,


      I wanted to reach out to you to let you know……..Body, body, body, etc,






      How can I add a merge field to a found set of contact for customized email?? MS Word can do it for crying out loud.


      Thanks for your help!!!



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          Hi Sailmtry,

          I can see from the image that you posted that you have found the script step to send an email. There are lots of developer enhancements that you can use such as a global field for the subject line and text body if everyone will get the same message.


          I think your stumbling block is the notion of "looping" through the contact records, sending an email at each stop along the way.

          Also, you will create a calc field (might name it e_bodyCalc) which will be a text result and look something like:

          "Dear" &" "& Contact Management::First Name

          &"¶"& g_Body (the global message field)


          Take a look at the Loop script step in help and it might become clear.

          If later you still need help, come back and post your script and OS / version etc. and folks will help.

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            Many thanks for the tip!  I'll give that a try and let you know.


            - Sailmtry