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    Pop-up Menu dissatisfaction

      Well, it seems Windows Users are again taking it in the shorts with FMI refusing to either admit it is what they consider normal behavior OR that it is a bug and will be fixed.




      This response is the typical OLD FMI ... I thought they had changed but I guess not. They don't discuss future products? I am not asking about a future product - I am asking what is the NORMAL EXPECTED behavior from a pop-up menu. Does FMI see it as a bug which will be fixed (even if they refuse to say when) or do they see it as a behavior they do not plan to fix.


      Why even have someone responding at all if they will not confirm nor deny but only say they will not say?


      I am NOT impressed.

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          TSGal is sometimes helpful and sometimes not.


          I read the linked issue and noticed the version you reported to have the problem is 12v4. Popups should not work with 12 but maybe that was wrong and you are working with 13 on the client.

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            @BigTom: please go to some basic documentation and read about the difference between popups and popovers...

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              Ha. That was silly. I know the difference, just did not spend a moment to think about it.

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                This is how FileMaker acknowledges they are working on a bug.  They simply say they are "aware" of the situation and that is all they are allowed to say.  But I am glad LaRetta brought it to their attention to make sure they are working on a fix and I hope it will come out in the next bug fix update. 


                I know it is easy to get frustrated, but corporate policies never let these company representatives confirm a solution is being worked on in case the solution doesn't work out.  Just realize their "aware" wording is their way of saying they are working on it and they are not allowed to say more.  They treat all bugs this way.  But I completely empathize that this corporate legalese does not better express their concern or commitment to resolving the problem. 

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                  Well I appreciate the reply.  I wasn't the original poster of the bug - only the final responder.  Pop-up menu jumping USED TO WORK on Windows, for goodness sakes!


                  There is NOTHING in Knowledge Base.  I searched for hours.  However, I notice that TechInfo has a thread (although I searched here also and this did not come up):




                  The PURPOSE of the Report An Issue forum is so their customers (US) can present a problem and FMI indicates that it is normal behavior or that it is a bug.  I GET it when they say something is a bug but they will not say when it will be fixed (although I disagree).  I GET it if they say something is normal behavior.  I DO NOT get it when they refuse to say either way on the 'grounds that it might incriminate them.'


                  We Developers use this tool to provide software to our clients.  WE commit that our solutions are bug free or we fix them but FMI does not offer us that same support.  This lack of communication hurts our clients and their businesses.  I have been working exclusively with FileMaker now for 12 years.  I THOUGHT they had changed these past few years, opening up more to us and communicating.  This is not communication; it is stonewall.


                  Would any of you treat your customers this way?

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                    I personally agree that I don't work with my customers the same way.  If there is a problem in my solution, I usually tell them when I'm working on it and what I am trying to do to fix it and I sometimes try to give estiamted schedules for fixing things.  But big corporations like FileMaker have lawyers that get involved in risk management business processes and what they are doing gives them the best legal protection.  However, it does not make for good customer relations and makes for some frustrated developers.  I know why they do it, but it is not how I choose to run my business.  My clients can easily switch to another developer and maintaining good communication on problems is important in retaining customers. My customers have to have a lot of trust in my skills and transparency is important, especially when there are difficulties. 

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                      Hi Taylor,


                      Your response hasn't appeared in my email yet. 


                      Actually, if it is a bug, Report An Issue SAYS it has been confirmed as a bug and reported or they explain how it is normal behavior.  That is NOT what I was told at all but rather that they do not comment on 'future products'.


                      Future Products??  It is exactly this 'corporate policy' that raises my blood pressure.  They tell the truth when convenient but go silent when it is uncomfortable for them.  I remind everyone of the spontaneous mapping import bug which existed in FM from version 7-11 and nothing had been published about it and many businesses were bitten bigtime by their silence.  If you are familiar with the software industry, stonwalling and hiding bugs is NOT standard practice but rather, frequent bug-fixes are generated and every bug is published as soon as it is known (until it is fixed).


                      I just received your second email, Taylor, thank you.  Yes, we develoeprs end up eating the cost of the rewrite and it can be major.  Neither does it include the time we waste researching for something which was never published.  But instead, by our silence, we accept FMI's policy.  We are enablers.  So I guess in a way we deserve to waste thousands of hours reseraching for bugs or issues which are never published and never acknowledged by FMI when asked.


                      You are hoping a fix will come out in the next update?  This was reported to them when 12 came out!  How much time do they need before they finally PUBLISH THE ISSUE or fix it?  Two years?  Three?  Being told they do not comment on 'future products' is no response at all.


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                        I agree... I wonder if there is some underlying technology problem or if they just put it on the backburner.  And clearly bugs from a previous major version should be addressed when the next major version comes out. 

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                          taylorsharpe wrote:


                          I agree... I wonder if there is some underlying technology problem or if they just put it on the backburner.  And clearly bugs from a previous major version should be addressed when the next major version comes out. 


                          We shouldn't have to wonder, Taylor.  If there is some major technology issue, tell us it is a known issue and there is no guarantee it'll be addressed so we quit waiting for a fix (which never comes) in the next Updater! Tell us so we can rebuild those portions of the solution and not count on this behavior.  Tell us so versions migrated forward (where it USED TO WORK but now breaks) can be re-designed before a migration to 13. 


                          Or tell us that pop-up menu no longer will jump and that is normal, expected behavior.  But COMMUNICATE.  We should not have to read every forum and every blog and every website about FileMaker just to keep up on issues and we should not have to put our designs and customers on hold waiting for an updater which never comes.