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    FM Server 13 Advanced - SSL Updater


      Prior to installing the SSL patch (updater) Webd worked great from any external browser. After the update of the SSL Patch, no one outside the internal LAN can access files over webdirect. Any ideas on how to resolve?

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          There could be many things going on and you would need to explain your OS, network and verify your FM version to get more indepth assistance.  But to start with, I would reinstall FileMaker server in the evening and run the patch again making sure to carefully follow all of the steps.  There are a lot of web issues if you are hosting on a Mac Server that you have started up the Server.app and, in particular, tried turned on web sharing.  The Server.app and FileMaker fight to configure Apache and it results in lots of problems where neither works properly. 


          Try the reinstall and if that doesn't work, give us more information about your environment (computer type, OS, versions of OS and FM, any other services running, etc.). 

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            Morning - Thanks Taylor.

            OS = Win 7 Prof, I7 3820, 64GB RAM, FM Server 13 Advanced, single server deployment.  IIS, web sharing is on.    As I mentioned previously, works great within LAN, but can't connect at all outside LAN.  FMGO 13 connects and work perfect inside or outside LAN. Next step will be a reinstall.

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              Within the LAN, are you connecting with a local IP or a public IP?  Try the public IP/URL and see if it fails within the LAN.   If not a public IP, is it NAT'd and have you confirmed the router is routing the public IP to the proper local IP and making sure all necessary ports are port forwarded?  Do you use a URL or IP to access it publicly?  If URL, confirm the DNS is pointing to the correct IP.  Can you ping the machine or talk to any other services from outside the LAN?  These are all things I'm asking about networking to confirm it is not a network problem first before focusing on FileMaker Service.  And it might be a FileMaker Service problem and the reinstall will take care of it.

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                totally bizarre but all I did to fix this was to remove and re-add port forwarding... it worked.  No idea why.  Anyways, the issue is resolved.  Thanks

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                  Ahhh.... networks... aren't they wonderful!  Well, glad it is working and Happy FileMakering!