Missing Field on Update

Discussion created by Padster on Apr 25, 2014
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Hi All,


I hope that someone might be able to shed some light on something that I am struggling with, and hopefully explain what I might be doing wrong.


The end problem that I am having is that after updating a DB, I end up with "TableName::<MissingField>" errors within calculations, Scripts and also missing fields on layouts. The Missing field will alway relate to a newly add field the to DB.


Background info; I provide a CRM style DB to multiple Companies, which have their own instances of a database, this is built as a data seperation model. I have a developement copy of the DB where I complete updates and fixes. When I roll out these updates, I look to change just the UI file of the seperation model.


I find that the problem occurs when I add new fields to the Data file. I replicate this new field to the individual Data files for each company. But, when I update the UI for each company, I'll find that the UI will not be able to see the field in the companies data file, and therefore I get a MissingField error as above. This can be fixed by re-pointing any place that this field is referenced within the UI for each company, but each time I update the UI and add new fields, this would start to mean a lot of work.


I have already been through one complete update, replacing the Data file, but I do not want to have to do this each time I add a new field to the Data file.


Is there anything that I am doing wrong, or can do to fx this problem?