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    Server turned off.


      So the FMS mysteriously turned off. The log informaiton is below. Just came off a backup about 45 minutes earlier. No event of Server shutting down in the log. Closing the Web Engine is something I did just before turning the Server on again.


      There are 3 databases on the server. Only one is open. Two are closed. The closed DBs are not currently seen in the Open Remote for FMP. This is as expected. However they are seen and accessable from FMGo? I am able to log into the closed FMServer_Sample in Go and run about. doing whatever, but the admin shows closed with no clients. The Server startup in the event.log shows only one file being open as well.


      2014-04-26 18:00:38.685 +0900Information639ServerConsistency check succeeded on backup of database "filename".
      2014-04-26 18:00:38.700 +0900Information150ServerSchedule "Hourly" completed.
      2014-04-26 18:00:38.700 +0900Information126ServerSchedule "Hourly" scheduled for 04/26/2014 07:00 PM.
      2014-04-26 18:48:24.801 +0900Information704ServerStopping Java Web Publishing Engine process...
      2014-04-26 18:48:28.021 +0900Information952ServerJava Web Publishing Engine process stopped.
      2014-04-26 18:48:28.922 +0900Information704ServerStopping Web Publishing Engine process...
      2014-04-26 18:48:29.997 +0900Information952ServerWeb Publishing Engine process stopped.
      2014-04-26 18:51:27.809 +0900Information703ServerStarting Database Server process...
      2014-04-26 18:51:28.020 +0900Information162ServerStarting FileMaker Server 13.0v1 x64 (10-22-2013)...
      2014-04-26 18:51:28.020 +0900Information763Server

      Running on Mac OS X 10.9.2 (Build 13C64), with 8 logical processor core(s)


      Also attached screen shots showing the Log Viewer with client accessing the closed DB and the Activity section with the DB showing ac closed.


      Is this normal?

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          Admin panel gave me a bit of trouble trying to close all the files and shut down the server so I could restart the machine.


          After restart all things appear to be back to normal. Any known reason why this would happen?

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            There is a 3 minute delay between the stopping and the starting, long enough for a reboot.  Check the system logs to see if an update got installed automatically or something similar

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              No update in the event log. It was off for longer than 3 minutes. When I got to the admin panel I turned off the web engine and then started the server again. That is when the strange file access started and it persisted for a number of hours until I decided to reboot the machine.


              One connected client ran out of system memory around the same time and FMP was pause by OSX on that machine. I do not think that should cause problems on the server like this though.