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FMS 12 Container Storage and Space Management

Question asked by Michael Frankel on Apr 27, 2014
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Hi Everyone -


I'm going to say up front that this may get long because I really want to understand what's going on.


I have a client with FMS 12 (with plans to upgrade to FMS 13 in the next 3-6 months). They have ALOT of remote containers, probably in the neighborhood of 30,000 - 50,000 images & documents of various sorts. Their backups are done every day (kept for 7 days) and every week (kept for 4 weeks). When I look at their complete database (Database plus remote containers) it comes out to about 81gb of data.


For reference, this server is running on a Mac, Mac OS 10.7.5 and FMS 12.0v5.


I recently made some changes to how the containers were stored which, as you might imagine, took a long time since they have so many images. The reason for doing this was that I was noticing that old backups were not getting deleted and the Server was throwing a 685 error. My research into this error provided me no useful information except a vague reference to a limit of 100 items per folder(?). I don't know if this is accurate. My hope was that doing this would, upon the next backup, cause the server to clean-up the old backup folders. This did not work as expected.


I also noticed that a stand-alone backup, which was done via the Command Line (and stored in an Automator script), was more than double the size of the actual files.


I also noticed that the folders that I expected to be removed after re-working the remote containers were NOT removed. This is the what I don't understand - why were those folders NOT cleaned-up in the backup process?


Next, when I looked at the normal scheduled backups, I noticed that old backups are NOT being deleted there either. Perhaps I missed something and this is a known bug in FMS 12, however I need to know how to clean it up so that the disk space on the drive where the containers are stored. If this 100 item limit is for real, then that will be a problem because my customer is storing multiple images on close-to 10,000 items with more being added every day. And I come back to the same question - why were those folders NOT cleaned-up in the backup process?


So, I'm looking for some input and hopefully some answers on what's going on and how to resolve it. I've already been successful at reducing the used space on the drive by changing the backup scripts and manually moving the backups to an external drive. However I need to understand what's going on and how to clean-up those backups.


I understand that the Backup process in FMS 12 uses hard-links to eliminate redundant data. However, what am I trading for that space reduction feature? does it really work in a high-volume situation like this one?


Thank you in advance for any input you may have on this.


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