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    Insert  From Device Crash


      I have a button that performs a script to scan a QR code and perform a find.


      The thing work great but about one in four scans a green square shows up on the screen. When this happens it will not scan then FMGo crashes. Without fail it is the green square of death. Device is on 13.0.4.


      Script is

      Insert from Device[Tablename::Fieldname; Type: Bar Code; Camera: Back; Resolution: Large]


      In the script setup only QR Code is checked for the barcode type. Same thing happens with all resolution settings. iPhone crashes more often than iPad. iPad is more stable and you can tap Cancel to return to the layout. Tapping Cancel on iPhone crashes on tap.


      Any advice is appreciated. I thought this feature should be pretty solid, but it is back to CNS for now. I am not sure how to troubleshoot iOS issues


      FYI, you can take a picture of taking a picture in iOS. I had no idea.


      This only seems to happen with QR Code.

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          Hi bigtom,


          Did you ever solve this problem?

          I have the same problem.



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            This has become a known issue with FM Go. There is no fix that I know of as of yet. This only happens with QR codes.


            The issue is actually having the camera looking at the QR code when the scan is launched. The work around is telling users to make sure the iOS device is not pointed at a QR code when they initiate the scan script. Then find the QR code and scan it.


            This is very easy to test if you have a barcode and a blank sheet of paper. That is what I did.


            Users thought this was a horrible bug. They prefered to enter the 4-5 digit number for the code manually rather than deal with the possibility that the app crashes. They prefer CNS over the native Scan even though it is slower. Filemaker has a few bugs that disrupt user workflow and I do not see why they do not take those things more seriously. Native functions should work perfectly.