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    Buttons to Add New Records


      I am new to FileMaker Pro 13 and have a question regarding how to create a button to add new records in a layout. I created buttons to {Go to First Record}, {Go to Previous Record}, {Go to Next Record}, and {Go to Last Record} and the buttons work without any problems. I created a button {Add New Record} and it adds the new record, however; it does not allow input to the new record. Also, if I use the {Go to Previous Record}, I can not edit such record. I would appreciate any comments or resources on how to correct this problem.

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          I am going to assume you are assignign a single function to a button and not using a script.  Navigating from record to record only does that, it does not also navigate to a particular field.  If you use scripts, you can add multiple steps to the process so that you can do things like go to the previous record and then go to the first name field or whatever.  FileMaker is working as expected when you are navigating, it just is missing the additional step of entering a field that you want and putting it in a script and assigning the button to that script will fix things for you. 

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            Sounds like the ability to edit or not might be a separate issue from the navigation. Make sure that the fields allow entry in the inspector, and of course that your permissions allow editing.




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              >>and check that your not in a minimal controls menu set