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    Importing Containers


      I have two files that each have two tables. The tables are identical in both files. One table is storing on type of document collection and the other another.


      When I import records from File A Table A to File B Table A, the data imports inlcuding the container data. The data is imported and pdfs get imported and the pdfs are saved to the corresponding directory.


      Then I import records from File A Table B to File B Table B. The data imports and the pdfs appear in the containers however here no corresponding directory is created on the server. If I go to a record in the table and insert a pdf it gets added and then I get the new directory with the PDF saved to that location.


      Anybody with in ideas why this might happen?





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          Apparently the file is getting stored somewhere in some folder.  Is it a subdirectory?  I assume it didn't get inserted as a reference.  Check the file size to verify that it is not 0.  Out of curiosity, are you managing your own folders or letting FileMaker manage them for you?  There are some issues to overcome if you choose to manage them yourself. 

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            Thanks. I am managing the folders via Filemaker using extenal open storage.


            I created a couple of GetasText(data) fields for all the containers and I think I am see something wrong as one is returning a share drive path which is the original location.



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              It does sound like the container was originally inserted as a reference...

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                Thanks Wim.


                The workflow is quite complex as part of an efiling scheme involving multi sources and multiple distinction document collections and two separate filemaker environments. The GetasText function revealed that one of variable paths used my scripts had not updated to take into account the move to containers. Thanks again. I should have looked this first but it was one of those things where given the duplicative nature of what I was doing I just could see what was causing the problem.


                I wasn't evident in FileMaker and only revealed itself once I started to try to display the container in WebDirect.


                Thanks again,

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                  You need to be aware (perhaps you are already) that if you set up a container field using FM's external storage and also check "store a reference only", the latter will override your external storage settings and the content will not be stored, only the reference will.

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                    Right, thanks. I have never used store as a reference. My solutions are focussed on shared document management. Back in the day I used a bunch of calculated paths and Open URL commands. I was very happy when FileMaker introduced externally stored containers and interactive properties and the feature has delivered on many fronts.


                    Thanks again to all for your questions, pointer and help.