FM 13 UI/Themes Best Practices

Discussion created by MHaskins on Apr 28, 2014
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Hello! I am working on redesigning the interface for an FM12 solution in FM13. My background is UI/graphics and before the major programming begins I was hoping to get feedback from people on best practices as far as layout creation, themes and file performance goes. Im sure each of these below could be their own thread, but if its possible to let me know if I generally “have it right,” that would be great…


Recreate layout objects in FM 13 for better efficiency.

Its better to recreate objects rather than convert from FM 12 because lots of baggage will come along with a conversion.


Manually editing theme css could decrease file size.

Some developers are editing css via text editors, however its not supported so probably not the best thing to do.


The theme you start with to customize will affect final file size.

Avoid Classic/Basic theme, but the others are about the same in terms of file size (Luminous is a tad bigger).


Create and use saved styles for all layout objects for better efficiency.

Local styles take longer to process/render while saved theme styles are quicker.


TIA! And please feel free to add to my list.