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    Perform Script on Server and Import and Export of Field contents


      Maybe this just is not possible, but boy would it be handy (at least for me)...


      I am looking for a way to offload a simple procedure to my Server instead of performing it locally. The script does the following:


      # Filemaker ESS does not show SQL Server BLOB data. Initiate workaround

      Import Records [No dialog; DNS: PharmaservImages; Calcculated SQL Text: "Select..." ] // imports an image from a SQL Server database into a local container


      # imported image from SQL Server is shown as a "Untitled.dat" and is the contents of the blob data are not visible within the FM Container

      # export and reimport will correct this...

      Export Field Contents [Rx Files::Image ; $path] // exports the image to a predetermined path using Get (TemporaryPath) & ".output.jpg"

      Insert File [Display content; Never compresss; Rx Files::Image ; "$path" ] // re-imports the image, now visible within FileMaker's container field


      When the above is run locally "Perform Script", things work swimingly. I would love this to happen behind the scenes, but apparently the last two steps are not supported when executed as "Perform Script on Server"


      Any wisdom or insight that I have failed to latch on to?