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    Filter for Graphs


      Hello there,


      Have another question for you experts.


      Is it possible to filter a graph on a layout? I only want to show certain records that are selected in a graph. Right now I have a hack in place that basically hides the records from the graph if they dont meet my criteria. The problem is, they are still there, they just dont show up - so what happens is it moves my data points way to the right or left on the graph and you end up with a bunch of blank space because the other points are still there, they are just hidden.


      I searched a bit and couldnt find any other ideas on filtering a graph, anyone done this successfully? Thanks!


      Edit - here is my current caculation in the graph:


      If(Material_Reading::Room_KF = Overview::Global_SelectedMaterialReading; Material_Reading::MC Reading; "")


      (then I just have a button over each record that sets the "selectedMaterialReading" to that record when clicked)