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    FM 13 Project Starter Solution - Send Email & List Function results are different from iPad/iPhone and MAC


      Using Project Starter solution at MAC, there is an button that Send Email to all Personnel at project or tasks.


      This button has in its default setup:


      Client: E-mail Client (MAIL)

      to: List (Personnel::Complete Email Address)


      This List function should include at (TO:) e-mail all non-repeating email address regarding all tasks and its registred personnel.


      Consider that you have a Project with 4 tasks as:

      Task 1 - Personnel - john@acme.ind

      Task 2 - Personnel - mary@acme.ind

      Task 3 - Personnel - john@acme.ind

      Task 4 - Personnel - mary@acme.ind


      It means that as soon as you press Email button, MAIL opens and include at TO: field , just 2 email address.



      At MAC it includes all of them, it means 4 emails (2 x john and 2 x mary)

      At iPad and iPhone it includes just 2 of them (1 x john and 1 x mary) as expected.


      Is there any suggestion how to solve this issue?