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    FMS13 and SSL Wildcard Certificate?


      Is it possible to import a wildcard SSL certificate (*.mydomain.com) generated outside of FMS in to FileMaker Server 13 for use with WebDirect or does the certificate signing request HAVE to come from FM Server?


      FMS12 used the certificates in IIS for Instant Web Publishing so this was never a problem but in FMS13 it appears we have to use the 'fmsadmin certificate create' command. This isn't an option as generating a new certificate signing request and rekeying the certificate would revoke it on our other servers and services.

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          Nope - wildcard certificates aren't supported due to limitations in the 'fmsadmin certificate create' command.


          I tried all ways from Sunday and confirmed with FMI that it's a no go.





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            Thanks for the info Perren.


            That's a pity..

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              Is this in any way confirmed by FileMaker Inc?

              No support for wildcard SSL certs?


              I installed a Wildcard-SSL certificate on a system (see below) without errors.

              But, not every service is working as expected:


              My System:

              - System: OS X 10.9.5 (w/o ServerApp)

              - FileMaker Server 13.04

              - Wildcard-SSL (Rapid Wildcard SSL)


              What works:

              - Webbrowser: HTTPS on subdomain shows correct and verified certificate.

              - Admin-Console: correct SSL cert. Console works as expected.


              What does not work:

              - Webdirect does not list databases and/or no login pops up

              - Database upload from client does not work (Port 443 is used for uploading databases from FM client)


              The documentation on SSL with FileMaker in general is quite poor. I nowhere read about the limitation that  wildcards are not accepted.

              Is there an official statement about this? Or a decent reason?

              Come on - we are talking about SERVERs here!