Need help with a script or but ton config

Discussion created by vcoctel on Apr 29, 2014
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I have one question.

In base of my database where I have Products, Invoices and Customers, I

made a sort page, so if I what to filter the customers by name or by City

or something like that, I can click the letter, for example "A" and i can

see all the clientes that starts with the letter "A".

The problem is that i use the quick find script to do this, but if i change

the customers name for the City filter, it just order them by name and no

by city.

I don`t know how can i do to create a button or something with the same

letters, so when i change the filter to city I can use the same letters but

to order the cites.

I'll hope I explain my self good.

Also I send you the screenshot so you can see the script i used and how I

do the filter page.

Thank you