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    My TechNet Server doesn't like my Username (I think?)...


      Hi All,


      First apologies! I shouldn't be trying to navigate this discussion area when I am STUCK!


      Second, apologies if I picked the wrong "location" -- also, I want to let you know I searched this topic, and also tried to download every PDF I could find.


      That said, I think I am overlooking something pretty simple.


      Here is my situation.

      1. Joined TechNet. YaY!

      2. Installed FMServer as per my membership

      3. Totally lost my credentials


      4. I disabled, and stopped service, then uninstalled Server

      5. I downloaded from "MySoftware" the ,FMServer as per TechNet

      6. Upon Installing I had to enter my License Key. Okay, went to My Profile and found the one that starts 'FMS13DEVLIC'

      7. Since I just copied/pasted the License Key, I am guessing that FMS13 is NOT liking either my my username or organization.

      7a. I tried my username (bradlowry all lower case)

      7b. I tried my Name (as per MyProfile) 'Brad Lowry'

      7c. I tried both with various permutations of "Organization", including empty... seemingly no affect, although you don't know...

      7d. I tried empty Username, and that gave me a "Required" message, so...


      I really did look all over the place, and I don't remember *any* hangups in this area when I first installed...


      Could it be that I am installing a second time?


      BTW, Windows Server 2008 R2, but since I installed before this should not be a limiting situation.


      Thanks in advance, and general apologies -- in addition to above -- for any breach of FMTechNet Ettiquette.




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          Stephen Huston

          A few things to check or confirm:

          1. "uninstalled Server" needs to be done by using the installer and selecting the Uninstall function, not just trying to delete files or folders at the OS level. Maybe you did that correctly, so onward;
          2. Use your username as Technet registered you, not your profile name, which is modifieable. (Your original user name is at the top of your Edit Profile page, and is not editable.)
          3. Try entering the installation code manually, a characer at a time, to be sure that any auto-spacing, separators, or extra characters which might have been in the copied selection don't get pasted in where the installer is expecting just characters.

          Good luck!