My TechNet Server doesn't like my Username (I think?)...

Discussion created by bradlowry on Apr 29, 2014
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Hi All,


First apologies! I shouldn't be trying to navigate this discussion area when I am STUCK!


Second, apologies if I picked the wrong "location" -- also, I want to let you know I searched this topic, and also tried to download every PDF I could find.


That said, I think I am overlooking something pretty simple.


Here is my situation.

1. Joined TechNet. YaY!

2. Installed FMServer as per my membership

3. Totally lost my credentials


4. I disabled, and stopped service, then uninstalled Server

5. I downloaded from "MySoftware" the ,FMServer as per TechNet

6. Upon Installing I had to enter my License Key. Okay, went to My Profile and found the one that starts 'FMS13DEVLIC'

7. Since I just copied/pasted the License Key, I am guessing that FMS13 is NOT liking either my my username or organization.

7a. I tried my username (bradlowry all lower case)

7b. I tried my Name (as per MyProfile) 'Brad Lowry'

7c. I tried both with various permutations of "Organization", including empty... seemingly no affect, although you don't know...

7d. I tried empty Username, and that gave me a "Required" message, so...


I really did look all over the place, and I don't remember *any* hangups in this area when I first installed...


Could it be that I am installing a second time?


BTW, Windows Server 2008 R2, but since I installed before this should not be a limiting situation.


Thanks in advance, and general apologies -- in addition to above -- for any breach of FMTechNet Ettiquette.