call out color by name and use it to format a field

Discussion created by martinc on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by raybaudi

I'm using SoSimple Calendar. It seems to work pretty well for a larger volume it calendar items. It generates html to display an interactive calendar.


Being html, we can color code items with just using text in a Color field. Gray, lightBlue, Red, and so on. We have a dropdown list for employees that we can use to set a color for them that shows up on the Cal. It's pretty cool.


For the Non-html side of our database, is there a way to use those colors to color a field by simply using the name...Say Bob color field is set the Blue and Toms to Red. I'd like users to see a blue bar on all of Bobs work orders and a Red bar on Toms. I can see a massive If/Then statement in the conditional formatting- would also be a major pain.