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      Hi Friends,

      Is there any way that we can attach dropdown with the portal rows?

      Here is my problem in detail:

      I am working on the device testing software. Depending on the feature, its test cases will be fetched. Now one by one user will have to execute and mention its result (selection will be made using dropdown containing pass, fail or NA)

      Tables: TestCase (ID, name, Desc)

      Final_Results (ID, testcaseID, ProductID, FeatureID, result)

      Right now, I am able to fetch testcases specific to a feature (belonging to a product that can be tablet, phone, ipad etc.)

      I want to display the related testcases in a portal along with a dropdown field for the results(Which is not the part of the testcase table). There will be 'execute' button which will fetch testcaseids and results and store in the database table(Final_Results) How can I associate dropdown field/variable with the portal? if there are 10 testcases, there should be 10 portal rows and each row should have its own dropdown field/variable for pass/fail.


      Thanks in Advance,


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          I can't say I really understand your problem – well, maybe I do, but I really can't say …


          At any rate, I think you're missing some pieces of your puzzle:


          Assuming you have tables like


          1. Products (?) --< 2. ProductFeatures >-- 3. Features --< 4. FeatureTestCases --< 5. TestCases --< 6. ProductsTestCases >-- 1. Products (again …)


          Now when you start testing a product, use a script to create all applicable ProductsTestCases for the current product; this means “from the perspective of 1, copy the related set of --< 4 and re-create it as a test set in 6”. This is probably what you intend to do with your FinalResults table, but it is easier if you create the test list beforehand.


          If you want to perform different and/or repeat tests, you need a Tests table between Products and ProductsTestCases.


          Now every record in ProductsTestCases has attributes like testCaseID (which links to a specific feature), productID, and a result of Fail, Pass, N/A – which can be formatted however you like, e.g. with a dropdown. These records can be displayed in a portal on a Products or a Features layout, and these portal can be filtered by feature, product, result etc.