Client/Server app using FMPro and FMServer

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I need to develop a client/server app (inventory manangement) and am considering using FMPro and FMServer.


The customer does not have reliable network connection and has many warehouses located across the country. Primary means of network is 3G USB dongle.


The general requirements are


1. Client app (FM/FMPro) to input new stock received at warehouse.

The warehouse is at a remote location and does not have constant network connection.

The network connection is established using 3G USB dongle.

The warehouse manager will initiate 3G connection by inserting the USB dongle into the PC.

Once network is up, the manager will click on a button on the FM app which will collate and upload the data to the FM Server


2. Server app receives the upload dats (from various warehouses) and processes the data

Inventory manager then uses the data to generate reports on stock status and availability





a. Is it viable to use the FM and FMServer combination for such a solution requirements, where the client will trigger data upload (ad-hoc) and server collects and processess these data