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    Need Workflow Solution to Automate Screenshot Production


      I need to automate workflow within a FM13A db to capture screenshots of one record at a time and create a unique .png file in an external folder for each record.

      Are there any toolkits or plugins that would enable this workflow?

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          Hello Eqitec,


          Out of curiosity:


          Which OS(s) are you targetting?






          My Bad:


          I'm going to conjecture that maybe you were using the term Workflow in the OSX Automator sense, and I didn't pick up on that.





          There is an OSX command line utility for doing screenshots named:  screencapture


          AppleScript can invoke screencapture using the  do shell script command


          If you run the following in a Terminal window:


             man screencapture


          You'll see the basic options for this utility.


          It turns out that even more helpful is running:


            screencapture -h


          This shows two promising options not shown in the man page:


            -R    for selecting a region of the screen to capture

             -l   for capturing a specific window by window ID


          Being able to capture the target window ID and then run screencapture seems like the best route, but I have not seen a way to get the OSX Window ID from FileMaker.


          That said, you could determine the bounds of the target FM window, and then use screencapture with the -R option to progamatically capture a screenshot of it.  I think that the caveat is that you'd need to make sure that the target FM window is frontmost, since with the -R option, you are not targetting a specific window, but rather,  just a region of the screen.


          Techniques for getting the proper screen region coordinates to pass into screencapture might include any of the following:


             - Using FileMaker Get functions

              - Querying FileMaker via AppleScript

              - Querying System Events via AppleScript (provided that permission has been granted for this in Security & Privacy preferences)



          Perhaps someone willl suggest a nice plugin which simplifies things more than this.  If not, I believe that you could get the above to work.


          Kind regards,



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            Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

            I will try your suggestions under OSX, but I'd also like some options for use on a Win7 PC.