FMPA internal global search capability (for developers)

Discussion created by aeu477 on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by LSNOVER

Is there a way to do a developer-level global project search in FMP for fieldnames, variables within scripts, etc. in a given database file? This seems to be an extremely important tool for developers (e.g. if I change a global variable name and need to find and update all instances of it). Yet, unless I'm overlooking something, the only ways I've found to do it are with an overpriced 3rd party plugin or by going to the hassle of saving out a Database Design report in HTML, and then searching that.

<rant> If, indeed, I'm not missing anything; then can someone (maybe from FileMaker Inc) please tell me why this has not been a priority for FileMaker engineers on platform on version 13 now, that has been around for 20 years? Now we can finally add tooltips but we can't search through the project scripts and field calcs?? Seems like the wrong priorities. Clearly this is an easily doable thing, since there is at least one dev plugin that already accomplishes it... I just don't want to pay another $150+ for that seemingly basic functionality.</rant> Help?