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    Portal Row > Color


      I have a portal and want to know if the highlighted active line color can be darker? In the following diagram, I want to have a darker blue for better viewing experience.


      Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 20.09.57.png


      Platform : FMPA13

      Current chosen theme : Elightended

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          You can change the color of the highlighted row to whatever you'd like.

          Go into the inspector.

          Click on the portal

          Then in the appearance tab of the inspector, at the top select Portal Row. That will activate another dropdown. Choose from the dropdown "Active" and then change the color of the active style of the portal row.

          Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.28.08 AM.png

          Note. This will override the default style of the Active Portal row. You may want to then save that style so that all your portals in your enlightened themed layouts will have the same color.

          To do that, click on the red arrow next to the Style and choose "Save Changes to current Style". That will make the default color that darker blue that you want.

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            Mike Duncan

            Hi Jeremy,


            RIght on with the location of this new to 13 feature. Just to clarify, the styling will be local to the object you apply it to until you save it back to the style, and then will apply to all the same named styles on the layout. If you want it to apply to all styles with the same name, across all layouts with the selected theme, save the Theme as well, from the red triangle that appears next to the theme after you save the style.


            Similar to the active and alternate portal rows, you can also specify active and alternate states for the body part in list views.




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              OH that's right MIke. There's always two steps, huh? Save the style then save to the theme.


              Thanks for that clarification colleague!