Opening files in Web Direct (container fields)

Discussion created by rothdavid on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by BillMiller

I'm testing Web Direct on a solution we have.


The solution store files in container field. Users can view them (export container contents, open) but when we view these files via web direct, the file downloads, but without its extension and the file appears corrupt once you manually add the extension to it.


Using small JPEG for example, in the container exists, "house.jpg". User selects "view file" that launches a container export, which then dowloads to the system download folder as "house" (no extension) and adding ".jpg" back to it, the os states the file appears corrupt. Same with PDF files.


I don't readily see in the FM13 web direct PDF guide where there should be any special considerations to this process.


Any advice on this would be appreciated. Below is the script section to open the file. SHIFT key allows users to save the file on their system somewhere..otherwise it drops to athey system temp folder and is opened from there.