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Old style relationships' active list

Question asked by vittofm on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by Stephen Huston

I've been using FM since version 2, when it was not a relational database.


Before introducing the MS Access-style graphic mangement of relationships, one of the great aspect of FileMaker was the list of all relationships. This list was active and you were allowed to double click and edit the relationship. I understand that from version 3 'til 13 the concept of relationship has been developed a lot, but I have a big problem with the graphic approach.


When you work on very articulated and "serious" FM solutions, it happens that the number of tables and relationships in a file or multiple fiule solution is so huge that when I have to access to relationships I start to cry. I spend more time on finding and selecting tables and relationships I need to work on than actually working on them. It's frustrating.


Using the Advanced version I generate the html report of the solution, I see all my relationships there....and dream about being inside FM, allowed to click my relationships, check them and edit them...but it's a dream, I'm inside a html page.....


The question is: why did FM aborted the chance to have a editable list of relationships further than the graphic one? Or Am I missing something?