Need help with inventory related fields

Discussion created by vcoctel on May 1, 2014
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I'm very new at filemaker and have 2 questions


1.- I am making a program for a dresses company, where they produces their

clothes and then they have stores. I need to create the inventory but I

need to know in witch stores they have each product, (a detailed inventory

by store and also a general inventory).

Do I have to create a table of stores and with what fields IDs I have to

related to?


2.-Each sales employee have a commission, based on the amount they sell.

for example.- If she sells under $1000 she gets the 5%

If she sells between $1001 and $2000 she gets the 7%

If she sells over $ 2001 she gets the 10% commission

My question is how do I can make this calculation for each employee. Do I

first need to add a table of employees?, If yes, do I related them with



Thank you for your help