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    FM13 Windows 7- Quickfind Cursor Problem


      I note in the FM 13 for Windows, running on Win 7 64 bit I've noticed the following:


      1. The cursor often does not appear in the Quickfind Window when I've clicked in the window.

      2. If I start typing the letters appear but the blinking cursor does not appear.

      3. Almost always, I get a message: "Before typing press tab or click in a field...." even though I have already either clicked on the Quickfind field, or have swiped across the existing text with the intention or replacing it.


      Anyone else noticed this?


      --- L

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          Hi L,


          One of our users reported this problem after upgrading to FM13 from FM12 on a Windows 7 PC. We went online to the user and found that when switched to another Windows user account the problem was not evident. In other words, it appeared to follow the Windows user. I called FM Support and they have no other similar issues reported. They also pointed out that the FileMaker program has no control over cursor behaviour or appearance. Will continue to investigate at user level.


          - Geoff