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FileMaker Server 13 on Mavericks remote access

Question asked by didimsolution on May 3, 2014
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I've installed FMS13 on Mac Mini Server Mavericks.


It has static external IP. And Mac's firewall is off.

But I can not see hosted files when I try to access the server from FMP remote access.


There are some strange things.


1. if I set the server's network to intranet then I can see hosted files.

I guess server's firewall is not blocked.

Shared file's sharing policy has no problem.


2. external network with Windows 7.

I've tried to install FMS 13 on Windows 7 and set the network with external IP.

It works!!

I can access to the server's hosted file with FMP remote access.

I think the external network through 5003 port has no problem also.



Mavericks & intranet : OK

Windows 7 & internet : OK

Mavericks & internet : NO


But I have to use Mac Mini Server for this site.

Should I change Mavericks to Mountain Lion?


Please help.