Inventory field help from store to store

Discussion created by vcoctel on May 3, 2014
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I have 2 questions


1.- I have my inventoriy of clothes with a value list of multi colors and multi sizes, related to each product. Now I need to add the location (store) there the inventory is located, so I can see were I have the product, so If I need that product in the store 1, I can see in whitch store i can take it from.

The question is how can i do to make a formula, so when I pass a product from the store 1 to the store 3, It sums in the store 3 and to substract it from the store 1.


2.- How can I relate a field so I can only make an invoice of what i have in stock? If I dont have in stock I dont want that it lets me choose the product.


Thank you so much