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    Scripting language English



      I have a dutch version of FM13. But the scripting (apart from if,case and some other stuff) is also dutch.

      Most books and info on FM is in English and so are most of the posts here.

      I have been a programmer in the past and i don't like 'languages' that change according to the country you're in (and then i mean the programming language...)

      So, anyhow, is it possible to use English scripting in a non-english version of FM?


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          You can use English keywords and function names in your calculations, and even mix them with the localized terms; the caveat is that when you next open the calculation, all English terms will all be localized (if a localized term exists),  


          If you're on OS X, you can achieve a more permanent solution by 'hiding' the folder containing the Dutch language resources, which will force FM to use the next best match as per the language settings in your System Preferences (which then should be English …).


          Close the FileMaker application. Navigate to the application in the Finder, use rightclick and “Show Package Contents”, navigate to Contents:Resources where you find the language folders. Create a sub-folder and put Dutch.lproj inside (or simply rename it). Restart the FileMaker application.


          Alternatively, set your main system language to English (which of course would affect all applications).


          Until some OS X versions ago, you could do the same thing with a simple switch in the Information dialog; but Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away …


          I imagine Windows allows a similar approach.


          Keep in mind that most 'real' programming languages are for 'serious' programmers (not to say nerds and geeks …), while FMI tries to make its product user-friendly for a wider audience.


          This includes people who do not necessarily speak English on a regular basis – especially not the specialized subset a programming language constitutes – nor would they want to, and they might feel uncomfortable (and jump wagon) if being forced to.

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            I had the same problem and took the same appoach as Erolst. But that was only a solution for short.


            After updating FM13 to one of the latest versions the application crashed on startup. So I had to change the Package Contents back to it's original content. I switched my system to English language.


            I tried the nifty OS X program Language Switcher v1.1.7 but I had no positive succes with FM. Another program took my attention for OS X System Managment but I didn't figure it out for FM13 by now. Maybe you can do it and post the results ... TinkerTool System Release 2.




            I tested both utilities and Language Switcher failed again. TinkerTool system offers only a language switch when FM is started from that tool. So you can easily switch to English when your Operating System is in Dutch. Eventhough, it is not a permanent solution, it's a workaround.


            If you have got a better option please post it on this forum.


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              Hello Harold,


              language switcher is great!

              And it works on Mac OS X. I have tested 10.6.8, 10.7.5, 10.8.5 and 10.9.2.

              It works with FMP11 & 13.


              Make sure that you have:

              a) selected Filemaker from Language Switcher (file-menu, first topic)

              b) select language -> english

              c) open the language-selector again and active the 1. entry in menu (something like: always open in this language)


              now it should work.





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                Hi Andreas,


                Yes, indeed. I ommited that option      Actually a nice tool ...




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                  Hi Harold and Andreas,
                  Is there a windows alternative for the language switcher?
                  regards rik

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                    no, but maybe this link helps (for Win 7 and Win 8)






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                      Filemaker 13.03 for Win has this option build-in!!


                      Menu: Edit/Preferences/General/User Interface Language


                      so easy!



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                        Thanks Andreas!

                        Sometimes they make it too easy :-)