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Is there a max of Values in a Value List?

Question asked by user22423 on May 4, 2014
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I store a huge amount of values in a valuelist and I wanted to know if the amount of values is limited?


I use the following script to transpose data from table A to Table B based upon a query. The source table delivers a value in a specified Field. The target table becoms a copy of the source table but transposed to fields in a new record.


The result of the query can be thousands of records.. so a variable must be able to keep thousands of values. The value itself is just one digit.


Go to [Layout A]

Perform Find [Restore]


Set Variable ( $IDList ; List ( $IDList ; TableA:SourceField )

Go to Record [ Next ; Exit after last ]

End Loop


Go to [Layout B]


Exit Loop if [ Let ( $i = $i + 1 ; $i > ValueCount ( $IDList ) ) ]

New Record/Request

Set Field [ TableB::TargetField ; GetValue ( $IDList ; $i ) ]

End Loop