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    PDF Relationship by the PDF Title


      I have 20 employees and I want to email each persons PDF paystub that was deposited in their bank account. Each PDF paystub is titled with the persons name.


      Question: Is it possible to create a database that will automatically import or reference each employees paystub and have the relationship based on the PDF title so I don't have to import each PDF, assigning it to each employees record?


      Any ideas would be appreciated!

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          Where are the PDFs stored? Are they created in FileMaker elsewhere?




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            The PDFs are stored in a folder on my Mac hard drive.

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              You didn't answer Pete's second question—how are the pdf's created? If you create them within your database somehow, then the process is easy. All you need to do is add a container field to the pay table where the data comes from and store the pdf in there (I do that all the time with quotes, invoices, letters, etc). Here is the calc I use to achieve this, which I posted a day or so ago with some further explanation here:  https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/146676#146676


              Let( [


              mainpath = "/yourHD/(—the directory FMS uses, such as—Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases, or whatever you wish to use with FMP)/yourFolder/yourSubfolder(s)/" ;

              name = <calc here based on record being exported> & " quote " ;

              date = Month ( yourDatefield ) & "–" & Right ( Year ( yourDatefield ) ; 2 ) ;

              extension =  ".pdf" ;

              thedoc = mainpath & name & date & extension ;

              $filepath = "file:" & thedoc ;

              $imagepath = "image:" & thedoc ] ;


              $filepath & "¶" & $imagepath )


              If the pdf's come from some external source you could still use this calc, but you would have to include a calc to gather the name of the pdf based on the employee name—whatever you can devise to achieve this. Then you could still insert it into a container field to facilitate emailing it to the employee.