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    Preview Mode - Selecting Specific Records


      How do you select a specific record for a FOUND set in Preview mode?


      On a full set of data, the following works just fine:

      Omit Record

      Show Omitted Only

      Enter Preview Mode

      ShowAll Rercords


      BUT it does not work if you have a found set and you want to Preview a record in that found set.


      Records 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

      Do a Find and found set is 4,5,6

      You want to preview #5.


      If you use the above coding with "Omot Record", then #5 becomes part of the omitted group of 1,2,3, making the omitted 1,2,3,5.

      "Show Omitted Only" then brings these forward and the preview mode goes to record #1.