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    Erratic Behavior - Color Palette


      OK, this one is totally bizarre. In layout mode, using the color palette, both with rgb & hsb sliders, whenever I type in a number and then tab or click to the next available color field, the number I had just previously typed in mysteriously changes to some random number. No matter how many times I try to correct the number, it won't stay the correct number. So, after sheer frustration, I simply started to press the enter key while the cursor was in one of the color fields. And all three of the colors (rgb) randomly changed to different numbers with each successive press of the enter key. Basically, the color won't stay the color I type in. Am I the first to experience this? Is my Mac on crack?


      I am using FMPA 13 on a MacBook Pro Retina with 10.8.5

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          I just did what you said using tabs on a Mac OS X 10.8.5 and FMPA 13.0v3 and tabing worked fine for me.  You aren't by chance clicking or something with the color inspector accidentally or something like that?  Do you have a special mouse or keyboard?  Or special app for controlling the mouse or keyboard?  Or do you maybe have some Accessibility features turned on?  I'm just trying to think why this would happen for you.  But I would probably start with just reinstalling it and seeing if that helps.  You might try removing any plugins to see if it continues and then bringing them back in if they don't effect anything.  Just some suggestions. 

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            Thanks for the good suggestions. Ordinarily, I would think my mouse would be suspect but I have used the same mouse now for more years than I care to recall and it has always worked like a champ within FM. It is a Logitech VX Revolution. I will reinstall and report my result.

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              I noticed the very same this weekend. My randomized colors are close to what I typed, but were constantly changing on me.

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                There are quite a few layout bugs in FM13, some were in FM12 and still remain in 13.  There are some situations where the RGB or HSB values may need to adjust to fit into the allowed color pallet range. But this generally would only happen with text color.


                The gradient point selection also has a bug related to transparency.  If you select other color for a text color, it will loose the opacity bar, which is normal, but if you then go to an object with a gradient and select a gradient point to adjust its color, the point will jump to full opacity, and there is no opacity bar.  The only solution is to select a solid object first, that will make the opacity bar return.  I am not sure that all the color pallet aspects are related to FileMaker, as it is a function of the OS.


                There are quite a few more, but most can be dealt with.

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                  There isn't some type of snap to web safe color pallet or something like that going on is there? 

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                    This is fairly normal for the Text Color palette, there are limits to the color palette for text, so it will automatically quantize to those ranges.


                    The anomaly will occur when in FM13, with any object "Fill"... If you set the color on the HSB editor, if you the change the opacity, it will often scramble the color settings.  This is not normal, and I don't think it was happening in FM12.


                    As I stated earlier, I am not sure if this is an FM13 problem or an OS Problem.  As I switched OS at the same time I switch FM12 to FM13, I created 2 variables.  Either one or both could be the problem.


                    I will say, having worked heavily in the Mac OS Environment since 1987, that Mac OS X 10.9.2 seems to have more "Quality Control" problems than any OS I can remember.  I can't include "Lion" or "Mountain Lion"  ... As I skipped over them.

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                      No, I thought of that as well. I wondered if there were some kind of color profile trying to keep colors in a certain gamet but that's not it either.

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                        I couldn't agree more about 10.9.2. I have another thread on here where I keep getting knocked off Filemaker server when I try to use 10.9.x. Any earlier Mac OS works perfectly. I've been a very long time Machead as well and I'll have to say, 10.9.2 is way under Apple's normal standards. I can't tell you how much wasted time I've incurred trying to troubleshoot this (getting booted from FMS).

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                          I know this is an old thread, but I just ran into this behavior for the first time. (OS X 10.9.4, FMPA 13.0v3)


                          It seems to be limited to text coloring. It appears to select random values in the HSB picker. If I am setting the color for anything else, it behaves itself.

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                            I never did find a fix for this and it still continues to this day. I will say it happens intermittently, but it also happens a lot. Quite irritating!

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                              I guess there's some comfort in knowing I'm not completely crazy.  :-)


                              I'd recommend filing a bug report with FileMaker. I'm off to do so myself.