Web Direct - Interactive containers not showing file (IP Address issue?)

Discussion created by MichaelDolley on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by LSNOVER

I am experiencing an issue with web direct. When trying to view the content of an interactive container field, I am getting a blue link to the file. When clicking on that link the file is still not coming up.


I think I have managed to work out what the issue is, but I am not sure how to resolve it...


The Web Direct implementation is accessible from the external IP address 175.184.XXX.XXX but when you try and view the content of an interactive container field it is using the following address http://10.208.XXX.XXX/Streaming/MainDB/FM-B92BD2EB-7DF3-2344-BFD8-3C86D2F92430.pdf which is the internal IP address. The file is coming up as not found.


If you manually change the address to http://175.184.XXX.XXX/Streaming/MainDB/FM-B92BD2EB-7DF3-2344-BFD8-3C86D2F92430.pdf the file will come up correctly.


I am not sure how to get the PDF document to come up correctly in the container field when accessed via the external IP address.


This is a 2 server setup with SSL enabled.