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    FileMaker Go + Barcode + RFID + Credit card + Fiscal printer


      Hello developers,



      Im glad to share with you my progress with integration FileMaker Go with Infinea Tab/Linea Pro accessories.

      Now it is possible to read fast barcodes (1D/2D), read/write RFID cards, read credit cards and to print receipts on printers right from FileMaker Go on iPad/iPod touch/iPhone.

      It is also possible to make live connection to theoretically any external bluetooth device from FM Go.


      I’ve made short video, demonstrating this integration (2 min):



      I believe, that FileMaker integration with this accessories is opening new horizons to FileMaker platform.

      If you have any thoughts, ideas, or may be you wish to be beta tester, please contact me.


      To read more about great accessories from Infinite Peripherals:



      Best wishes,


      Oleksiy Dubov



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