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    FMS 13.0v2


      Lots of updates in the new update, but some things to take note of:



      • The capability to specify URL parameters or to bookmark specific locations within FileMaker WebDirect solutions has been removed for security reasons. You now specify only a filename in the URL to open that file.
      • Web users should not use accented or Asian characters when changing a FileMaker WebDirect solution's password. Using accented or Asian characters from a web browser can corrupt the password stored in the FileMaker database.
      • If an open popover has an OnObjectExit script trigger set and a portal has an OnObjectEnter script trigger set, clicking into a field in the portal executes the portal's OnObjectEnter script trigger before executing the popover's OnObjectExit script trigger.
      • In a script that uses the Export Record script step to export data where a field or record is too long for the export format, the Get(LastError) function returns 0 rather than 736 when run in a FileMaker WebDirect solution.


      Obviously, this has been the largest update to WD since it was released. There's a lot there to digest, and hopefully this will correct a few of the issues that early adopters were having.

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          Does anyone know why FM doesn't include their own updated FMI certificate in this update, and rather force you to buy an external expensive one? (see 1.1. here: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13183)


          I already have a certificate for a client's domain for the FMWebSite but this won't (as far as I understand) import and provide a secure connection for FMGo clients...


          I didn't get the FMApproved ones in this link as they are $149 per year which isn't within the budget of this client...



          So I was hoping this update would update the FMI certificate that comes with Server for FMServer Clients.. but can't understand why it doesn't.. any thoughts or am I not understanding this right?

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            It sounds like there's a misunderstanding here. Let's see if I can help explain a bit.


            1. The self signed FMI certificate embedded in the various products was updated (from what I was told) in Go 13.04, Pro/Advanced 13.03 and Server 13.02 (this update). You can still enable secure connections in FMS with this default settting and gain the benefit of encrypted traffic.


            2. Due to how external certificates were implemented in FMS you must use the CLI tools to generate a CSR. There's just no way around this. The main difference between this and the default FMI cert is having it signed by a publicly available CA.


            Does that help or just make things more muddy?



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              Perren, thanks so much for taking the time to reply! Yes that helps.


              I think I am just mis-reading the instructions / or the the instructions aren't clear enough.


              Section 1.1. of the link above says:


              After applying this software, if you do not have a signed SSL certificate that matches your specific server name or DNS name, request a certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA) supported by FileMaker, Inc...


              The way I read the above, is that this was a required step in the update process i.e. that we all have to now get an externally signed SSL certificate now with OpenSSL 1.0.1g.


              I dropped a note to TSGal on the forums to suggest it is reworded to:


              After applying this software update, if you use or require a signed SSL certificate that matches your specific server name or DNS name, request a certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA) supported by FileMaker, Inc... If you previously obtained a signed SSL certificate, contact your CA to revoke your existing certificate and request a new certificate.


              Thanks again for your help.

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                I was using the URL "feature" or bug whichever way you look at it.  It was useful though I was uncomfortable with it being there.  Now I'll have to work around it

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                  after updating to FMS 13.0v2 (from 13.0v1)  i can not upload database files.

                  Error: "Connection failed." (after entering name / password)

                  Server: Mac OS X 10.8.5

                  Client: Mac OSX 10.8.5 or 10.9.2

                  Accessing the files works and also starting the console.

                  Same error when trying the upload from the server.

                  All Macs OSX are completely updated.


                  Thanks for any help,