FMS 13.0v2

Discussion created by mikebeargie Expert on May 6, 2014
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Lots of updates in the new update, but some things to take note of:



  • The capability to specify URL parameters or to bookmark specific locations within FileMaker WebDirect solutions has been removed for security reasons. You now specify only a filename in the URL to open that file.
  • Web users should not use accented or Asian characters when changing a FileMaker WebDirect solution's password. Using accented or Asian characters from a web browser can corrupt the password stored in the FileMaker database.
  • If an open popover has an OnObjectExit script trigger set and a portal has an OnObjectEnter script trigger set, clicking into a field in the portal executes the portal's OnObjectEnter script trigger before executing the popover's OnObjectExit script trigger.
  • In a script that uses the Export Record script step to export data where a field or record is too long for the export format, the Get(LastError) function returns 0 rather than 736 when run in a FileMaker WebDirect solution.


Obviously, this has been the largest update to WD since it was released. There's a lot there to digest, and hopefully this will correct a few of the issues that early adopters were having.