Issue with editing related data through a pop over in WebDirect

Discussion created by jesper.a.olsson on May 7, 2014



I've been trying to find anyone with a similar problem as I but haven't had that luck, so I'm starting a new thread for it.


Here goes. I'm developing a solution solely for WebDirect and I've run into a problem with the popover function in a portal.


I've got a simple one to many relationship with Organisation ----< Person.


On my layout for Organisation I have a portal showing the related persons to that organisation. I want to be able to open a popover in the portal and edit the persons data through a popover, hence showing the related person data in the popover.


In Filemaker Pro this works. But in WebDirect, it seems like the record doesn't commit after I try to edit the data and close the popover.


This seems like a normal function that most likely every FileMaker developer would want to be able to do. So it confuses me that I can't find any bug related topic on this issue.


Anyone have any ideas or explanation to this behaviour?


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