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    Mailit 5?


      In my current program, I need an outside mailing solution. The company I work for wants Dacon's Mailit 5 but we are having issues with it. I tried contacting their support days ago but have not gotten an answer. Is anyone familiar with Mailit 5? Downloading procedures, installation process, implemetning the templates into your program, any of it? I need to get this mail working desperately so any help would me greatly appreciated!

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          Good stuff for the clients where I have deployed it...


          Templates could do with some FileMaker 13 love and attention, but no problems with it.

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            I'm working with Nick.  The first issue is that we have the plugin installed on the server, and we've uploaded the templates, but, when we open the sample templates we get an error message that "plugin is not installed."

            Any problems with running it on FM Server 13?

            We can't figure out what we've done wrong, and their tech support is not responding.

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              We are huge fans of MailIt and base our solutions around it. Their tech support has always been excellent if you contact them through their web site portal.


              However, there is an issue at the moment and that is MailIt 5 is not currenlty 64bit compatible, therefore runs fine on the clients, but not on the server, which is now only 64 bit.


              Hope this helps



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                I used Dacon's MailIt a number of years ago for a client and it worked fine on the clients.  If you're having problems with MailIt, there are quite a few other options like CNS's POP3it or 360Works' Email Plugin, both of which I have used on a server successfully.  All of these involve work figuring out the plugin.  So if the reason you are having problems with Dacon's Mail it is that you are not familiar with it, the other plugins are probably no less easy to figure out.  As CICT says, you may be interested in server functionality (particularly as FM13's "Perform on Server" now lets FM Go do plugin functions remotely through the server). But if it is just figuring out the plugin, Dacons has been fairly responsive to me in the past by email.  I actually started using CNS more simply because they were a company near me and in the same time zone which worked better for support (they are in Fort Worth, Texas and I am in Dallas, Texas).  Dacons is in New Zealand and the time difference was a little bit of an issue for support even though they were extremely friendly. 


                You could always post your question about what problems you are having here and maybe we can offer some suggestions.  Is there a script step or something not working or where are you getting stuck?  You mentioned installation and are you using the FileMaker script step to install the plugin or manually putting it in the Extensions folder?  I recommend the FileMaker script step and you can automate this for all users. 

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                  Well now THAT explains a LOT!!!!  Any idea when they will be good with 64 bit?

                  I like the templates that come with it.

                  I don't want to have to put (buy) a license on each client......

                  Backup plan is 360 but I was concerned about building templates the first time around;

                  Guess it's time to de-concern myself.

                  It's strange that there isn't a full featured PHP Service that one can rent for sending and receiving email from webViewer.



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                    I have had luck installing on server via the Install Plug-In File script step.

                    I am still in the process of figuring out about permanent vs. session-based registration.

                    The log, btw, is in /Library/FileMaker Server/Documents.

                    I am very interested in using the Perform Script on Server script step, whick would enable me to send mail on-demand rather than scheduled on the server.



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                      Jens- What fmPro server and computer version are you using?  not 64 bit, correct?

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                        Hi Scott


                        We're not in a position to comment on any future releases, but Dacons have been around for a long time and we'd be very surprised if there wasn't a 64bit option available in the not too distant future - as FM Server is now only 64bit it effectively prevents their product from being used on this platform. The 'plug-in not installed' error is the symptom of the problem.


                        We're also in the queue waiting, but as most of our solutions are cloud based Citrix solutions, it is really easy for us to roll out at the user level.


                        Although the documentation and templates are challenging, we love what we can achieve with MailIt. We've HTML email headers and signatures built into FileMaker and can synchronise with users IMAP Sent Messages folders. Much of what we've achieved has been taken from the supplied templates, but Dacons tech support have been great in helping us find our way.


                        All the best



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                          I'm slightly dissappointed that almost half a year after the release of 13, they claim compatibility but do not deliver on the server side.

                          @slayden: All my server processes beginning with fms* are 64 bit.

                          FileMaker Pro Advanced.app on my Mac runs as 32 bit, but that would hardly be relevant?



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                            We bailed and went to 360 works for one off email, and it looks like Mandrill with the fmPro plugin will be the default for eblasting, for now.  Later, I expect to have a full PHP mail system written for this with wysiwyg editing and quit fiddling with all this compatability stuff.